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Legend on Lotus Pool

Once upon a time a young prince,facing trouble of unsteady society,the strives between the officials openly and secretly and constant grievances of people , felt helpless and sad . One day , he secretly left the court alone 

And wanted to kill his sadness by himself . He did not know for how long he bad taken to get to a garden , named Hengze . Walking there as if he had entered into a fairyland .

In Hengze garden , he saw colorful and flourished fruit trees . Water is running in the brook , and heard the twitters of birds . Near the fruit trees , stranded a fancy white pavilion . Beside the pavilion there was a clear spring Lotus Pool . In the Lotus Pool , fresh and pure lotus flowers competed with each other , fish swam happily among the lotus , a smaal fine wood arched bridge crossed the water like a rainbow .Through the bridge here came a elegant girl greeted him smilingly with a lotus flower on her hands . Finding she is so beautiful and kind companying with such attractive and pure faint scent , the prince as carrried away and couldn’t help himself walking towards her .

 Calmly and warmly , said the girl ,” All the trouble in the world rises from heart . Wars in and among the countries , stives between the officials , conflicts among the common people , all is bred by the greed for fortrune , fames , living-hood and food . You majesty , you are the master of the country , if you want to govern the ccountry well , you should fistly govern the hearts . With the increase of the love , the greed will decrease , then the harmonious society come , the stability among the people and a strong and prosperous country will appear . You have to put worries aside and set up a model by yourself .”

After this , the girl gently flied to him and presented him a lotus flower . She said ;” I wish you like a lotus ,having a spirit of originating form humble without being affected and treating others with Buddhist heart .” Hearing these , the prince tumbled to it and asked ,” How could I address you ?” The girl gently smiled and answered ,” Now I am in the Lotus Pool , you can called me Lotus Pool . Wish all people in the world are as clean and kind as the lotus in the Lotus Pool …”